You can smell our Apple Hill™ Bake Shop as soon as you get out of your car!

larsen bake shopNothing makes your Apple Hill™ experience more complete than a stop inside our incredible Bake Shop.  From pies to cakes to turnovers, our tantalizing family recipes simply can't be beat!  

The items below are our normal fare.  Prices and availability may vary.  Stop by our Bake Shop and see just how wonderful they all taste ... and smell!

Whole Pies (frozen or baked)

Traditional Apple

French Apple (includes nuts)

Sour Cream Berry Apple

Harvest Pumpkin Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese Apple

Mini Apple Sugar Free (frozen only)

Mini Marion Berry

Apple Strudel (includes nuts)

Apple Hill Cake

apple pie sm


Apple Turnover

Apple Dumpling

Apple Hill Cake Slice

Traditional Apple Slice

French Apple Slice (includes nuts)

Sour Cream Berry Apple Slice

Harvest Pumpkin Cream Cheese Slice  (includes nuts)

Cream Cheese Apple Slice

Apple Strudel Slice (includes nuts)

(note: you can add ice cream to all of the above)

Ice Cream Sugar Cone

Hot Fudge Sundae (includes nuts)

Sliced Apple Wedges with Caramel

bake med5          bake med2

bake med9          bake med8

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